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            ABOUT  US

            ABOUT  US

            All categories

            Mr. Alex Gong   Chairman


            Mr. Alex Gong ,Chairman


            He is a senior engineer of computer science and energy managerment as well, Mr. Alex

            Gong worked for ten years in the University in China. After 1991, Mr. Gong has served as  CEO of

            Inernational Engineering Corporation, Real Estate Company and lighting energy-saving technology

            company, and also has invested in film and television and cultural industries.


            Mr. Gong has full experience in comprehensive enterprise management and marketing development,

            specializes in international engineering projects, project planning and organization. He has extensive contacts in China's economic and cultural circles.


            Mr. Gong was born in literary family in China, and has being studied and researched for history and

            Chinese calligraphy more than 40 years.

            Mr. Bill Tan  General Manager

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.

            Mr. Bill Tan, 37, General Manager  


            Mr. Tan is optimistic, honest, steady, strong in pressure resistance and has a positive sense of career.


            Mr. Tan has been engaged in enterprise management and domestic and foreign trade for

            many years, and has been positioning himself as the operator of enterprise management.

            Mr. Abdullah Hashwani  Senior Partner

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.

            Mr. Hashwani

            He is a dynamic, results oriented management professional who meets challenges head-on, creates positive change and motivates teams to achieve aggressive goals for our clients and their renewable and carbon based projects. He is responsible for executing

            strategy for new market growth with specific emphasis in Canada, South and Southeast Asia and works closely with AAK partners to devise and achieve winning strategies in emerging global markets. Mr. Hashwani also reviews operating results against established objectives and ensures that appropriate measures are taken to meet corporate objectives, as well as maintaining an effective

            system of communication with our global business development team worldwide. He has a proven record of performance, setting

            strategic direction, executing to plan and fine-tuning operations with optimal results.


            Mr. Hashwani has over 45 years of extensive experience in the private and public sector as an entrepreneur, consultant, lobbyist,

            and advisor to leading companies and governments worldwide.


            Throughout his accomplished career, Mr. Hashwani has conducted business in over thirty countries in Asia, East Africa, Europe

            and the Americas. In addition to his expertise with International Power and Energy Projects, Mr. Hashwani has acquired a

            fundamental knowledge of industries including, but not limited to, Food and Beverage, Education, Health Care, Industrial Automation, Affordable Housing, Roads and Highways, Computer Software and Hardware and Telecommunications.


            Mr. Hashwani is a Canadian national. He was formerly an Honorary Investment Consular (Board of Investment) Government of

            Pakistan for Canada and a Director of Atlantic Council of Canada (NATO Alliance NGO).

            Mr. Sean Ekow Brown  Partner

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.

            Mr. Brown

            He has had a stellar career spanning the fields of Business Administration, Marketing, Commercial Law, information technology and telecommunication for over 20 years.


            Mr. Brown’s marketing acumen, selective aggression and hands-on approach enabled him to start-up a diversified company (SKIDLAB VENTURES) which has taken a corporate leadership position year after year in a highly-polarized metro circle like Accra,

            Ghana while catapulting it as a prominent national diversified company providing services in the fields of Medical, Civil and


            Engineering, Financial Management, Agricultural Development and Oil and Mining industries weathering challenges from

            well-entrenched competitors.


            Before SKIDLAB, Mr. Brown was Business Development Director at Sprint PCS and a member of the team that spearheaded the

            company's foray into mobile telecommunication and its innovative move to make all incoming calls free, which brought about a

            paradigm shift in the highly competitive landscape in the global Cell Phone Explosion.


            Mr. Brown is currently focusing on the diversification of SKIDLAB Group’s businesses into high-growth sectors such as the

            Artificial Intelligence, Financial Data Management, Auto Assembly and Manufacturing, Stocks, Commodities Management and

            Marketing, Agriculture and Aqua-Culture Development. His sustained efforts have already helped the Group’s foray into many West

            Africa, East Africa and the Southern African countries and he is determined to maximize its presence across the globe.


            Mr. Brown is a post graduate of Science in Business Administration from Morgan State University, MBA from George Washington University, and LLM from Columbia University respectively.


            Mr. Xiangjie Wu  Partner

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.

            Mr. Wu


            He has been engaged in international trade and financial securities for many years, and has been a senior financial and securities consultant for many large and medium-sized en-

            terprises for a long time.

            Ms. Sanya Liu  Partner



            Ms.  Xiaolan (Sanya) Liu, 40, partner


            Ms. Liu has studied in MBA Business Schools of Tsinghua University and Peking University.


            After 2000, Ms. Liu participated in the construction of projects in Beijing International

            Trade CBD. In 2015, Ms. Liu founded the "great selenium emperor" beverage brand and

            served as the general manager of the company. In 2018, She joined the taijichan founded

            by Mr.Jeck Ma and Mr. Lianjie Li as a consultant and established sanyahui in the same


            Mr. Asif Ziauddin  Partner

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.


            Mr. Asif Ziauddin, partner


            Mr. Ziauddin has worked in the world bank, the international development agency and

            Cisco. He has extensive experience in international cooperation and project management,

            and is able to establish effective working relationships with all management levels across



            Mr. Ziauddin is the CEO of synergos in Bangladesh now.

            Mr. Robert Collette   Senior Consultant

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.

            Mr. Robert Collette

            He was a Public Servant with the Government of Canada from 1972 to 2009. During this period,he was primarily

            a diplomat with the Canadian International Development Agency and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.


            During his career Mr. Collette was Ambassador for 9 years, Trade Commissioner for 16 years, and project

            manager with the Canadian International Development Agency for 10 years, including two overseas assignments in Kuala Lumpur and Yaoundé. He has 18 years of experience living and working abroad in developed and developing countries including Malaysia, Cameroon, China, the Philippines, Switzerland, and Italy. He has extensive experience as a manager of human resources and financial resources.


            Mr. Collette is now the President of RCBI, providing advice to Canadian and foreign companies wishing to do, or

            doing, business in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Canada. He is also a member of

            Advisory Boards and / or Board of Directors of Canadian companies and a visiting professor at Carleton

            University in Ottawa.

            Mr. Niyi Sanusi   Consultant

            Hunan Baojiang International Trade Co., Ltd.

            Mr. Niyi Sanusi

            As a Nigerian Lawyer and Solicitor, Mr. Niyi Sanusi's practicing areas are Commercial and Corporate Law, Investment Law, Intellectual Property, Oil and Gas Law. He has been advising international

            companies in Nigeria as well as conducting due diligence reports. He is a member of the Board of

            Directors at Yetzirat Mofet Limited, Infrastructure Concessions and Development, Mining of Metal

            Ores exploration and Mineral Ores trading.


            Mr. Sanusi has over 15 years of professional legal service experience:

            External Solicitor to a proposed petroleum refinery in Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa.

            Involved in Legal Advisory role of a Free Trade Zone and new seaport in West Africa

            Drafting of legal agreements in the minerals and mining sector amongst other roles

            Advising international investors on procurement and investment in Nigeria

            A member of Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Sanusi has built strong relationships within Nigeria's

            Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Power.